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About Viren Sharma

Cambridge dictionary defines Entrepreneur as someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity like our very own 'DOG-MAN’ Mr.Viren Sharma from Jaipur.

Viren Sharma is a dog behaviourist with over 20 years of canine experience. He is a leading pet nutritionist who is successfully running P.A.W.S (Protection of Animal and Welfare Society) for the social upliftment of strays and underprivileged animals. He has been organizing marathons and annual rallies on issues of canine and mass concern over the last 15 years.

His recent record holding Dog adoption and Dog feeding campaigns made the headlines. Viren says "I do not feed the dogs, I feed my own soul From the primitive times animal is one of the oldest companion of mankind. Viren mentions that I love animals and I strongly believe we all have a special place for animals in our heart it just needs to be awakened....Read More